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  • Wall Thickness Measuring Microscope
  • Wall Thickness Measuring Microscope
  • Wall Thickness Measuring Microscope is mainly used to measure hollow blade with small dimension, hollow casting, nozzle etc. whose wall thickness cab not be measured by traditional measuring instruments. It have wide application in Aero space, Aviation, Automobile and high precision casting industry.

Wall Thickness Measuring Microscope
Wall Thickness Measuring Microscope is mainly used to measure hollow blade with small dimension, hollow casting, nozzle etc. Whose wall thickness cab not be measured by traditional measuring instruments. It have wide application in Aero space, Aviation, Automobile and high precision casting industry. 

Direct observation, convenient operation. 
LED cold lighting source, light color selection is available. 
Portable and light, easy for on line inspection. 
Provide multiple standard gauge with long life. 

Technical parameter 
Objective: 3X 
Focusing Distance: 83mm 
Eyepiece: 10X 
Illumination source: 16W LED cold source 
Lighting fiber: Diameter 1mm, 2mm, 3mm with the length of 600mm 
Standard positioning head: 4 pieces

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