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Considerations for the Use of Grating Scales
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Considerations for the Use of Grating Scales

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Considerations for the Use of Grating Scales


The introduction provides an overview of the topic or subject being discussed. It serves as a preliminary statement that sets the stage for the subsequent discussion. The grating line displacement sensor (abbreviated as grating ruler) is a measurement feedback device that operates based on the optical principle of gratings. Grating line displacement sensors are primarily used in the closed-loop servo systems of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine tools, and can be employed for the detection of linear or angular displacements. The measurement output signal from these sensors is in the form of digital pulses, and they possess characteristics such as a wide detection range, high detection accuracy, and rapid response speed.

Application Scope

1. Various measurement institutions, displacement measurements of instruments, spring testing machines, three-coordinate measuring machines, and projectors.

2. Digital display systems for various machine tools: lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, boring machines, electric discharge machines, drilling machines, etc.

3. The coordinated use of various types of CNC machines: CNC milling machines, machining centers, CNC grinding machines, etc.

4. The grating ruler is equipped with a PLC, used for displacement measurement in various automation mechanisms.

Precautions for Use and Maintenance

1. Do not disassemble the grating sensor without authorization.

2. Attention should be paid to prevent oil and water contamination of the grating scale surface, in order to avoid damaging the distribution of the grating scale lines and causing measurement errors.

3. The grating sensor is strictly prohibited from undergoing severe vibrations and impacts, as this may damage the grating ruler. If the grating ruler is fractured, the sensor of the grating ruler becomes ineffective.

4. Optical grating sensors should preferably not be operated in environments with severe corrosive effects, to avoid corroding the grating chromium layer and the surface of the grating ruler, thereby compromising the quality of the grating ruler.

5. Ensure the addition of protective covers whenever possible, and promptly clean away any chips or oils that may have splattered onto the ruler. Strict precautions should be taken to prevent any foreign matter from entering the interior of the grating ruler sensor casing.

6. The relative spacing between the main scale and the auxiliary scale cannot be arbitrarily altered, as this may on one hand compromise the accuracy of the grating sensor; on the other hand, it may also lead to relative friction between the main scale and the auxiliary scale, resulting in damage to the chromium layer and, consequently, to the grating lines, leading to the retirement of the grating scale.

7. Regularly inspect whether the connecting screws of each installation are loose.

8. To ensure the reliability of the grating sensor, it is recommended to clean and wipe the grating scale surface and indicator grating surface with an ethanol mixture (50% ethanol for each) at regular intervals, maintaining the cleanliness of the glass grating scale surface.

9. To prolong the lifespan of the dust-proof sealing strip, a thin layer of silicone oil can be evenly applied to the sealing strip, ensuring that it does not splatter onto the smooth surface of the glass grating.

10. The plugging and unplugging of the light-grating sensor and the digital display meter should be performed after the power is turned off.

As a member of the China Digital Display Association and one of the standard-setting enterprises, Xin tian Photoelectric boasts a history and experience in digital display product production spanning over 40 years.

It is one of the earliest enterprises in China to engage in the production and research and development of grating sensors. The high-precision, stable, reliable, and interference-resistant grating digital display series developed by Xin tian Photoelectric are not only extensively used in displacement measurement and real-time control fields in the domestic and international machinery industries, defense industries, and research institutes but also exported to many countries and regions overseas, earning widespread customer appreciation. Please feel free to contact us by calling the national service hotline at 4008804598 for further information.

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