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Feature The base is high quality cast iron and is aging for long time by nature so as to have good stability. The measuring main axis adopts optimum square design to assure the stability of moving performance. It has powerful optional accessories to satisfy different measuring requirements The grating illuminating system adopts infrared illuminating device with low voltage, small current and long life as light sources. The instrument adopt high precision measuring system, which conforms to the Abbe principle and has high measuring precision. JD36H imported grating system and subdivision card have high precision and reliable stability. JD36H The function is powerful by connecting to computer, which can rectify the measuring error caused by indicating value and temperature variation. And it has the function for automatically find reversal point.
Applying range: Its mainly uses is used to directly measure the checking length bars of the external micrometers, internal micrometers and length bars made by yourself. It can also measure the internal dimensions of catch plates, through-holes and blind holes and the pitch diameter of external thread. The serial air flotation grating length measuring machine can carry out the comparison and absolute measurements of internal and external dimensions of various parts. It is suitable for using in the inspecting departments and laboratory of machine building, tool making, in the manufacture of gauges and measuring instruments.
Feature The measuring software adopts twin displayers and touching LED screens, Data collecting can be finished by convenient one touching. Operation is very easy, Measuring is efficient. Equipped with circle light and could controlled by zone control, the light is adjustable according to requirement during measurement. Automatic recognition of workpiece contour, eliminate personal error, enhance operation efficiency. Equipped with powerful image processing software, can accomplish complicated measuring task, and communication between data and CAD to realize measuring and mapping. Add additional display function of local point magnification of workpiece image, increase pointing accuracy. It equipped with Digital indexing table and height measuring device, digital display of angle and height.
Characteristics: 1. High-accuracy granite base with higher strength and stability; unique workbench design for JVB 150 with small size and attractive appearance. 2. Precise transmission to eliminate lead screw clearance to ensure comfortable rotation and gapless of hand wheel. 3. Lens: 0.7X-4.5X continuous magnification and positioned lens. 4. Height measurement available after installing optional linear scale on Z-axis. 5. Suitable for measuring mobile accessories, home appliances, machine parts, precision clamps, plastics, hardware, products related to computer, precision stamping parts, etc.
Characteristics The projection screen of the instrument is vertically installed, convenient for the user to observe. The standard configurations of the instrument are 10× Objectives, And the 5× Objectives, 20× Objectives, 50× Objectives, 100× Objectives, can be selected according to user's requirement. Large worktable can be customized according to user's requirements.
Features: -Strong general-purpose property, beautiful shape and convenient operation. -Up-down and workstage movements adopt imported V straight line guide, transmission is comfortable And convenient. -Two illuminations systems ( high and low) can meet illumination requirements of different workpieces And materials -Image of screen is very clear and shapely. -Reflection illumination adopts fiber-optic transmission, so it has the features of small-volume, -High-brightness and easy-operation. -Its accuracy is very high, it also has a strong stability and reliability -Worktable is make of aluminum alloy material, so its weight is very light -Digital displayer uses digits on to display length and angle


Founded in 1966, Guiyang Xintian OETECH Co., Ltd is a large-scale enterprise which specialized in high precision optical measuring instruments. With more than 50 years’ experiences in product development and manufacturing, it integrates development, production and marketing of optical, machinery, electrical and computing technology together to provides customer excellent and advanced solutions. Guiyang Xintian covers an area of over 700k square meters and has 400 employees, and established 8 subsidiaries including Guiyang Xinhao OETECH Co., Ltd, Guiyang Xinhong Casting Co., Ltd and 2 Research & Development centers in Guiyang and Shanghai 

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From June 25th till 29th, we dispatched Quality engineer, Installation & commissioning engineer to Indonesia for on-site installation...



Company Attended METALTECH Exhibition

We attended METALTECH exhibition at PUTRA WORLD TRADE CENTER in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.



Company Attended METALEX Vietnam 2015

In order to develop the market of Viet Nam and find as much as possible cooperation opportunities, We attended METALEX Vietnam 2015 from Oct 8th to Oct 10th 2015 in Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center. We present our JT12A-B, JT25, JVB300 and JVB300C. This exhibition offers us a chance to be...



Company Visited METALTECH Exhibition

In order to investigate the market of Malaysia, we visited METALTECH exhibition at PUTRA WORLD TRADE CENTER in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. As key market for measuring instruments in South East countries. Malaysia is our aiming export country.



Company Attended CIMT in Peking

CIMT, the biggest Machinery & Tools Exhibition in China, We present our machines every two year there in Peking. We got to know a lot of new friends and establish business relationship with them and strengthen business relationship with old friends there.



Company Attended Automation Control Exhibition in Kaohsiung of Taiwan

In order to go deep to the Taiwan market, strengthen interaction and communication with local customer, in the mean time, develop more business projectors, we attended Automation Control Exhibition in Kaohsiung of Taiwan from April 17th to 21th. We visited the stands of our distributors in this...

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