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Basic measurment travel, powerful functions and convenient operation, long time durable for usage. Very high performance cost machine.
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JT12A-B Φ300mm Profile Projector (Erect Image)

-The Contour illumination is divided into high and low level and can meet different measuring requirements. 
-Non-sphere mirror illumination system which processing by special techniques makes view field symmetry and clear and have a high accuracy. 
-It has low heat productivity for the adaptation of axial flow fan can lead to forced cooling. 
-Compact structure and light weight which is easy to move around. 
-It can be effectively test the various profile, section and surface shape of complex workpiece, such as the template, the punching piece, the cam, the gear, the matrix, the thread, the forming cutter, the mercerize, the cutter. It can be widely used in machine manufacturing industry, measuring instrument industry, watch-making industry, would producing industry, electron industry and relative metering station in factory. 
-It is equipped with long-life illuminating bulb, suiting for long time use. 
-It is provided with various free choice of components that makes measurement more convenient and rapid. 
-It is equipped with multifunctional DRO and mini printer. 
-Surface illumination system has a convenient adjustment which is stable and reliable and suit for operate. 
-Working base adopts front door design which makes maintenance more convenient. 

echnical Data: 
-Screen diameter: Φ300mm
-Rotating range: 0° ~360°
-Indicator scale of rotating angle: 1'
-Accuracy of rotating angle: 6'
-Worktable size: 340mm*152mm
-X travel: 150mm
-Y travel: 50mm
-Z travel: 80mm
-Accuracy of X, Y axis: (4+L/25) μ L unit: Mm
-Objective lens
Magnification View field of objective (mm) Working distance of objective lens(mm)
10X φ 30 75.201mm
20X φ 15 69.599mm
50X φ 6 44.4mm
100X φ 3 26.243mm
DS600 or DS401 Box

Optional Accessories: 
1) 20X lens (with 20X semi-transmission and semi-reflecting lens)
2) 50X lens (with 50X semi-transmission and semi-reflecting lens)
3) 100X lens (with 100X semi-transmission and semi-reflecting lens)
4) Automatic line finder
5) Thimble support
6) V-shaped cradle
7) Locating plate pedal
8) Round worktable
9) 5X magnifier
10) 50mm calibration scale
11) 360mm screen magnification calibration screen
12) CD202 two dimensional software. Functions as follow: 
-Collection: Collect all type of element, point, line, circle and arc
-Construction: Construct line, circle and arc with collecting point
-Combination calculate: 
(a) Calculate two point distance and midpoint by combine "Point" And "Point"
(b) Calculate distance from point to line by combine "Point" And "Line"
(c) Calculate point of intersection's coordinate and nip angle by combine "Line" And "Line"
(d) Get midline of two lines by combine "Line" And "Line"
(e) By combine "Circle" And "Circle"(tangency, intersect, )
(f) By combine "Circle" And "Line"(tangency, intersect, )
-Tolerance's disposal: 
(a) Degree of circle and arc
(b) Measure linearity
(c) Measure
(d) Measure symmetry
(e) Measure position
(f) Measure screw thread
(g) Coordinate movement and rotation
(h) Transfer polar coordinates

Projection Screenφ300mm
Rotation Range0°~360°
Resolution of the rotary angle1′
Accuracy of the rotary angle6′
Objective Magnification Power10X    20X    50X    100X
Objective Visual Fieldφ30mm φ15mm  φ6mm  φ3mm
Objective Working Distance75mm    69mm   44mm   26mm
Error of magnification0.08%
Range of X-coordinate (mm)150mm
Range of Y-coordinate (mm)50mm
Z -coordinate (Focusing)(mm)0~90mm
Worktable area340mm×152mm
Accuracy of Instrument(4+L/25)μm
Load Capacity5kg
Overall Size(mm)380×694×1068
Transmission Lighting12V 100W Halogen tungsten lamp
Reflecting Lighting24V 150W Halogen tungsten lamp
Rated Voltage 220V 50Hz    110V 60Hz
Mainframe Weight135kg

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