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JT14A profile projector
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JT14A profile projector

300mm diameter screen, turret lens, nice look and light in weight
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JT14A/JT14B φ300mm Profile Projector

It cantest the various profile, section and surface shape of complex workpiece effectively, such as the Template, the punching piece, the cam, the gear, the matrix, the thread, the forming cutter, the mercerize, The cutter. It can be widely used in machine manufacturing industry, measuring instrument industry, watch-making industry, would producing industry, electron industry and relative metering station in factory. 

-It has a large working distance of objective, large worktable area and large range of size. 
-Surface illumination is symmetry and bright and the image is clear. 
-The shape of high precision worktable is novel and beautiful, and it's movement is comfortable and Convenient. 
-The up-down projecting box adopting the advanced guide system replaces the traditional up-down Operating platform and it has a large coordinate range of Z axis. 
-It adopts contour illumination and surface illumination system, light intensity can coordinate when Magnification was changed for the purpose of reduce difference of luminance on the screen when Transfer high magnification and low magnification of objective lens. 
-It has three turrets, a convenient exchanging magnification and a precise location. 
-It has a exquisitely shape and is convenient to use. 

Technical Parameters
-Screen diameter: Φ300mm
-Rotation range of screen: 0°~360°
-Indicator scale of rotating angle: 1'
-Accuracy of rotating angle: 6'
-Objective lens
Magnification View-field on object(mm) Working distance(mm)
10X Φ30 74
20X Φ15 69
50X Φ 6 63

-Magnification error 0.08%
-3 Kind of workstages
Table size X coordinate(mm) Y coordinate(mm) Z coordinate(mm)
350 X 240 150 100 100
400 X 280(standard) 200 150 100
450 X 286 250 150 100

-Linear scale resolution: 0.001mm
-Accuracy of X, Y axis: (4+L/25) μm, L unit: Mm
-Load of worktable: 15kg
-Illumination Source: 
Contour illumination: 24V150W halogen tungsten lamp
Surface illumination: 24V 150W halogen tungsten lamp
-Cooling system: Two high speed axial flow fan can lead to strong heat radiation. 
-Power: 110V/220V (AC), 50/60Hz
-Machine dimensions: 410*650*970~1070mm
-Machine weight: 90kg

Projection Screenφ300mm
Rotation Range0°~360°
Resolution of the rotary angle1′
Accuracy of the rotary angle6′
Objective Magnification Power10X    20X    50X    100X
Objective Visual Fieldφ30mm φ15mm  φ6mm  φ3mm
Objective Working Distance74mm    69mm    63mm   41mm
Error of magnification0.08%
Range of X-coordinate (mm)150mm   200mm   250mm
Range of Y-coordinate (mm)100mm   150mm   150mm
Z -coordinate (Focusing)(mm)0~100mm
Worktable area350×240  400×280  450×286
ImageErect(JT14A) ReverseJT14B)
Accuracy of Instrument(4+L/25)μm
Load Capacity10kg     15kg      20kg
Overall Size(mm)410×650×1070
Transmission Lighting24V 150W Halogen tungsten lamp
Reflecting Lighting24V 150W Halogen tungsten lamp
Rated Voltage 
Mainframe Weight90kg

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