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Linear scale

DRO Linear scale when used in conjunction with our Counter is designed for manual machine tools or other equipment having linear movements, for example cut off saws.

Alternatively the scale output can be used for automatic positioning control of machine tools or similar equipment via CNC or PLC units.

The scales may also be fitted to co-ordinate measurement or other measurement equipment used for high accuracy inspection & measurement

Our company is the earliest national professional producer of optical grating sensors in China and offers a comprehensive range of products; We are able to quote on special scales on request.

Brief introduction to product classification
The optical grating sensor linear scales manufactured by us are divided into two types, open and closed type.
The open type is high precision and is designated JCT, the scale output wave is sine wave, they are mainly used in digital measurement equipment and offer a highest resolution of 0.1um.

The closed type is mainly -used in conjunction with our DRO counters on machine tools and similar equipment, these scales are designated JCX and have a scale output is square wave. (TTL or RS422), these scales are divided into groups determined by measurement length and accuracy/resolution as shown in the table below.

A complete range of accessories is provided to facilitate installation.

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