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JX13V Advanced multipurpose Toolmaker's microscope
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JX13V Advanced multipurpose Toolmaker's microscope

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  • JX13V

JX13V image processing universal tool- maker's microscope

The tool- maker's microscope is a multi-functional measuring apparatus and widely used in machine manufacturing industry, electron product industry, aeronautic industry, and various measurements. It can be used to measure the size, shape, angle and position of any components within measuring range.
1. It is equipped with CCD automatic camera image collecting system and two dimensional image processing software, can be put into CAD software.
2. The original glass grating system is replaced by the advanced British RENISHAW steel band reflecting optical grating system which has a good information process system and an appealing outlook, a low heat productivity and is simple to install and test. It has a good performance to resist pollution, corrosion and oscillation. Consequently the reliability of the system is greatly promoted.
3. It uses semiconductor laser device as directors. The red points will be marked on the working surface and locate the measured parts.
4. The main measuring method is CCD image collecting system, but still reserve eyepiece optical system as secondary window. So it is more convenient to user.
5. Illuminating system adopt high luminance LBD instead of common incandescent lamp, improved the life of lamp-house and reduced heat.
6. Equipped high intensity special instrument table which can put main body on it.

The typical measuring objects include:
Measure the shape of various kinds of make-up components such as the template, the formed cutter, the milling cutter, punching die, and the cam.
1. Measure the pitch of diameter, external diameter, internal diameter, pitch and thread angle of external thread (such as thread gauge, guide screw and worm).
2. Measure the helical pitch, gear form and jaw-shaped angle of the gear hobbler.
3. Measure the positional precision of circuit board, drill plate or pore plate and the form and position error of the key slot symmetry.
It is equipped with CCD automatic camera image collecting system, process image's outline data through software. It makes your measurement more convenient.

Technical data:
Measuring coordinate (mm): X: 200
Y: 100
Resolution of X, Y: 0.0002mm
Indicator accuracy: (1+L/100 ) μ M L-length of workpiece, calculated with mm
Angle measuring range of counter dividing head: 0° ~360°
Angle measuring resolution of counter dividing head: 5"
Angle measuring accuracy of counter dividing head: 30"
Declining range of main body's column: ± 12°
Declining angle graduation value of main body's column: 30'
Size of square worktable (mm): 260*270
Maximum height of workpiece on the square worktable (mm): 140
Maximum diameter and length of thimble frame (mm): Φ 100 length 700
Maximum diameter and length of high thimble support (mm): Φ 250 length 200

Magnification of objective lens, working distance and range of view field:
Magnification of objective lens Working distance (mm) Range of view field (mm)
1* 82 6.0*4.0
3* 69 2.0*1.5
5* 49 1.2*0.9

Main accessories:

Counter dividing head, optical localizer, counter height test instrument (optional), surface illuminating system, instrument wortable, high thimble support (optional)

1. Maximum load: 40kg
2. Dimensions (mm): 1300*1250*800
3. Weight: 450kg

Model JX13C
X-coordinate(mm) 200mm
Y-coordinate(mm) 100mm
Resolution ration (mm) X and Y coordinate:0.0002mm
Accuracy (1+L/100)μm
Area of worktable Square worktable(mm) 260×270
Max height of stored workpiece on square worktable 140mm
Microscope upright column Angle tilting range ±12°
Angle tilting value 30′
Digital display index head Angle measuring range 0°~360°
Resolution ratio of angle measuring 5″
Accuracy of angle measuring 30″
Tailstock rack Max gripped diameter φ100mm
Max gripped length 700mm
Higher Tailstock Max gripped diameter φ250mm
Max gripped length 200mm
Optical position indicator Min detective aperture φ5mm
Max detective depth 15mm
Metering force 0.1N
Locating stability 0.001mm
Limit error gauged for head diameter 0.0005mm
Objective magnification   1X         3X           5X
Object working distance (mm)   82          70          49
Object visual field (mm) 6.0×4.0  2.0×1.5    1.5×0.9
Screen image range (mm) 1/2″≈5.2×4.1  1/2″≈1.7×1.4  1/2″≈1.0×0.8
CCD Specifications 1/3″≈4.1×3.1  1/3″≈1.4×1.0  1/3″≈0.8×0.6
Overall sizes (mm) 1300×1250×800
CCD camera head 1/2″ or 1/3″ black & white (colored) CCD
number of pixel 795×596
Weight 450kg
Max load 

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