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Portable Video Measuring Machine
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Portable Video Measuring Machine


The instrument adopts aluminum alloy with small volume and light weight, so it is easily to transport. 
The instrument adopts unique design for the worktable with small volume and beautiful appearance. 
It adopts imported screw rod so as to make the rotation of handwheel be comfortable and without clearance. 
Lens: Set the lens from 0.7X to 4.5X, 
The X and Y axis mount the grating scale so have high locating precision. If the Z axis selects the grating scale, it can complete height measurement. 

It is used to measure the following parts, such as accessories for mobile phone, household electrical appliances, connectors, mechanical parts, precision clamps, accessories for computer industry and precision punching parts. 
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  • JVB150

  • Sinpo

JVB/JVB-F Series of Manual Video Measuring Machine
1. High-accuracy granite base with higher strength and stability; unique workbench design for JVB 150 with small size and attractive appearance.
2. Precise transmission to eliminate lead screw clearance to ensure comfortable rotation and gapless of hand wheel.
3. Lens: 0.7X-4.5X continuous magnification and positioned lens.
4. Height measurement available after installing optional linear scale on Z-axis.
5. Suitable for measuring mobile accessories, home appliances, machine parts, precision clamps, plastics, hardware, products related to computer, precision stamping parts, etc.
Technical Parameters:

CategoryManual Video Measuring Machine / High-Accuracy Manual Video Measuring Machine
Model numberJVB150/JVB150FJVB250/JVB250FJVB300/JVB300FJVB400/JVB400F
Overall dimension:(mm)480×460×620600×700×870600×700×870910×985×960
Weight (kg)75230250400
Load capacity (kg)1030
Measurement resolution1um0.5um
Measurement accuracyX, Y accuracy: (3+L/200) um
Measurement accuracyJVB-F Series  X, Y accuracy: (2.5+L/200) um, Z accuracy (5.0+L/200) um
Operating modeManual
MagnificationOptical magnification: 0.7X-4.5X, image magnification: 28X-180X
Software SINPO-M
CCD 410,000 pixel, colorful CCD
Power supply110-220V
EnvironmentTemperature: 20±5ºC, humidity: 45%-75%
Light sourceProgrammable LED cold lightProgrammable 3-loop and 8-area LED cold light (optional 5-loop and 8-area)

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